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Project Description

Gluten Free Crepes

YIELD: Sixteen 10” crepes.

These can be used for sweet or savory fillings, for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

Prep Time: 8 minutes, cook time 12 minutes

1 ¼ cup Gluten Free Pancake mix

2 cups whole milk

2 large eggs

2 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted

1. Mix the pancake mix, eggs, melted butter and half of the milk together until smooth using a whisk. Slowly whisk in the remaining milk.

2. Allow batter to sit for 5 minutes.

3. Heat a non stick pan or crepe pan on medium to medium–high heat. When a drop of water sizzles in the pan, the pan is ready.

4. Drop a ¼ teaspoon of butter or oil into the pan. Add 1-2 oz of batter depending on the size of the pan. Batter should be added to one side of the pan and immediately swirled to cover entire bottom of pan.

5. Allow each crepe to brown then flip crepe over and cook until the steaming stops.

6. Crepes can be stacked for use later, folded or filled and rolled.

Serving suggestion – Serve with maple syrup and fresh berries for breakfast or ham and cheese for lunch. Crepes can be made ahead, wrapped well and frozen for up to a week. When needed, thaw in refrigerator then warm on a covered plate in a 250 degree oven.

Variation – Smaller crepes can be made which would give you a larger yield.

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